Why wait?? ~ Kyle’s story

Hey Kevin! Did you know our son Kyle was also tongue-tied when he was born? We had to ‘fight’ for him too, although not to the extent it sounds like you did with Myla! I knew something was different as soon as Kyle tried to nurse the first time in the hospital, right after he was born. But, Riley had never really taken to nursing so I didn’t really know what/how it was supposed to be like. We moved when Kyle was 2 months old, so at his 4 month check with his new doctor, the first thing she said was, “Did you know he is tongue tied?” I answered “I KNEW something was different!” She recommended we just to wait till he was 5-6 yrs old, and if he had speech problems to take care of it then. Duh! Why wait and even RISK speech problems!!! She did insist we wait until he was at least a year old since it wasn’t causing any issues with him eating. We had him evaluated and then had it clipped when he was 13-14 months old. It was at the hospital under anesthesia, by an ENT. It only took a few minutes in surgery, no stitches at all. But, I was a WRECK and so nervous! I never even heard of laser surgery, what a great option! Hopefully it will become more the “norm” so parents don’t have to go through this with their kiddos at all!

I’m not sure if Kyle had a tight frenulum on his upper lip, but my guess is he probably did. If he did, then he and God took care of it! :) Kyle was just learning to walk and was pushing one of those walker toys around one day when he slipped. He came down on the handle, mouth first, and ripped/tore his upper frenulum! It bled for a bit then stopped. He ate ok that night, but when I checked on him before I went to bed his crib sheets were covered in blood! Talk about freaking out! (and of course Roger was out of town on a trip! LOL) I had a friend come stay with Riley while another friend and I took Kyle to the ER. 2-3 hours later when the dr finally saw us, the bleeding had stopped, he was acting fine, so they sent us home. So far he hasn’t had any speech/dental issues. But, he does have one of his top center teeth that is taking a LONG time to come in! I just looked at that area and I am wondering if there might be a small piece of tissue, a remnant of that frenulum, that might be blocking it from coming in! The kids have their regular dental appointments next week, so I will ask and have it checked!

Thanks for posting this and spreading the word about these situations! I am sure it will help someone! :)

Kimberly Hopkins Henderson, Woodbridge, VA

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I like to find a better way of doing things, and I like to share the results with others.
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