Alyssa’s story, 16 months old, Wisconsin, USA

Hi Alessia

I wanted to send you our story to post to your blog…  Here you go and thanks again for starting this blog!  It was because of you that our daughter has a beautiful smile now!  I’ve also attached “before and after” pictures so feel free to use those. Also, i also just wrote letters to all of the practioners that told us “no we would wait until age 7” telling our story and encouraging them to educate themselves on pediatric laser dentistry as an option!
We live in Wisconsin and discovered our 14 month old daughter had a very abnormal frenum (it was very thick and attached between her teeth creating a huge gap in between her front teeth). After hours upon hours of research and phone calls to dentists/surgeons, I discovered this blog and Dr Kotlow’s work and our true journey began! Thank you Alessia for sharing our stories with others so everyone that has a child with an abnormal frenum can have the knowledge and power to get it corrected now, with laser dentistry!
After many visits with quite a few different practitioners (her pediatrician, who referred us to a dentist, who referred us to a pediatric dentist, who referred us to an oral surgeon that refused to see us because he doesn’t do the procedure until age 7, to another oral surgeon, and another laser dentist practice), we were left feeling very frustrated because everyone was completely against doing this procedure before age 7. All of them agreed her case was very severe and that she will need something done, but refused to do anything now because they would put her under general anesthesia and use a scalpel, and said that she couldn’t handle the “healing time” and her arms would have to be boarded for days so she wouldn’t pull on her lip and rip the stitches. I emailed Dr Kotlow for advice and within minutes received a reply reaffirming my thoughts on laser frenectomies being the way to go, and with a recommendation to Dr Margolis in Chicago IL ( who was trained by Dr Kotlow and he said “he will take great care of your daughter”. We scheduled her procedure for a few weeks later in Chicago. FYI – We paid out of pocket for the procedure but is it VERY reasonable so it wasn’t an issue (our health insurance denied the claim, and we did not have dental insurance on our children).
The day of her procedure we were in and out of the dentist office within less than an hour. Dr Margolis swiped some numbing cream on her gums, and the actual laser procedure was over within 7 minutes (no other anesthesia was used). She cried during the procedure while I was holding her arms, but immediately after she drank milk and had her pacifier. Her recovery was so fast it boggled our minds! We only gave her two doses of Tylenol that day and she did not need anything for pain after that. Within 10 days her mouth had completely healed and the gap between her front teeth had almost fully closed. We are so grateful to those pediatric dentists that perform this procedure with lasers!

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