Feeding Problem and Speech Delay: Jaxson’s Story

On February 22nd, 2014, Anne Marie writes:

“Dear Alessia,

     I was reading your story and the other parents stories and thought I’d share mine.  My son Jaxson is 20 months old and does not eat solid food (just pureed food) and only says one word “eat”.  Probably because I am constantly asking him to eat…LOL.  I have been concerned that Jax would not eat solid food since he was 12 months old.   Anytime you presented any kind of food to him that wasn’t pureed he would turn his head away or close his lips tight.  If I was able to get solid food in his mouth he would gag violently.    I would offer him puffs, small cut up fruit, cheese, cookies, pretzels, ect…  You name it I tried it.

I voiced my concern with my Pediatrician a few times and he kept saying if Jaxson is not eating by 2 years old then we can be concerned…. REALLY?!?!?  I immediately started looking for a new Pediatrician.  I found a new Pediatrician I liked and she agreed with me that Jaxson needed feeding therapy and referred me to a speech therapist she knew.  She said it was hard to find a feeding therapist and she was the only one she knew in our area.  I called and of course she didn’t take my insurance.  So I decided to have my son evaluated by the county at 16 months.  The therapist felt that he did not qualify for the services because he needed to lack in more than one area, which he did not.

Two months later I heard a commercial on the radio saying “does your child have trouble eating certain foods?” and I thought YES!  I called L.I. Speech therapy MO and made an appointment for another evaluation.  At this point Jax is 18 months.  The therapist did feel that Jaxson needed feeding and speech therapy and thankfully my Insurance would cover 100% of the treatment!  This was great news and I felt such relief that help was FINALLY on its way.  I was told that we needed to wait 4 weeks before we started therapy because my Ins co had to review the evaluation.

Three weeks into the 4 week wait period I noticed something I never noticed before.  Jaxson’s web on his top lip was connected to the middle of his two front teeth.  I could not believe that I never noticed this before and that the Doctor’s never discovered this!  It was really thick and tight!  I was texting with my friend who also has a baby,  we would always talk about Jaxson’s feeding/speaking issues and I told her about what I found.  She said “oh that sounds like a lip tie”.  I immediately googled “lip Tie” and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It looked exactly like Jaxson’s mouth.  I called my Pediatrician and made an appointment for my husband to take Jax in to see her (I had to work).  My husband said she was like “oh, yeah it’s no big deal.  The dentist will just cut it when they put braces on him”.  Again I am in shock and again I am searching for a new Pediatrician.

I e-mailed Jaxson’s feeding therapist telling her about my discovery asking if she thought that had anything to do with Jaxson’s eating and speaking delays.  She said it is possible and I should definitely look into a Frenectomy procedure.   Thankfully I don’t need a referral through my Insurance so I asked  Jaxson’s feeding therapist if she could recommend an oral surgeon.  She referred me to Lynn Pierri DDS,MS.  I met with Dr. Pierri  and she agreed that Jaxson needed a Frenectomy and she could do the procedure with a laser and the whole thing wouldn’t  take 5 minutes.

We have the Frenectomy scheduled for March 19th  (about a month away) and I am hoping that this procedure is the answer to our prayers.  Reading all of the success stories gives me great comfort and hope.  Especially the one from “MR” in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  Her son’s situation seems the closest to mine.  And the fact that her son started talking up a storm 6 weeks after the procedure gives me hope.  Thank you for sharing your story.


Anne Marie”

I look forward to adding Anne Marie and Jaxson’s story among our Success Stories! We are praying for you, guys! 🙂

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