On February 9, 2018, Bonnie writes, “Alessia, I wanted to thank you so much for this information. My five-year-old has struggled with speech and eating issues for a long time. She has been in speech therapy for months with no results and was becoming more and more self-conscious about other people’s difficulty in understanding her. A couple weeks ago, I was feeling desperate for answers to why we’ve made so little progress. We had been told that she had a tongue-tie as a newborn, but they said as long as it did not affect nursing there was no reason to address it. She had always nursed like a champ, so I never thought about it much. Last year, a dentist brought it up to us and also said there was no reason to address it unless she had speech issues. Well, she definitely did have speech issues so I told them I’d like to have it done. Between getting it approved by our insurance company and squeezing her into the schedule, we never had time to get it done there before we moved. Once we moved, I started pursuing it again. I asked my family doctor to refer us to an ENT to ask about it. He referred us to someone I did NOT care for and this man insisted there was no reason to address it since her main issues were the “c” and “g” sound and a tongue tie would not affect that. He said he would only do it if a speech therapist recommended it. That’s when we got her set up with speech therapy, something we were already planning on anyway. Her speech therapist told us the same thing. In fact, she seemed a little horrified that we were considering it. Feeling defeated and like I must be running down the wrong path, I gave up for a while. When I started researching again with a vengeance a couple weeks ago, I stumbled onto your site and started reading. I couldn’t believe all of the stories I was reading and became more and more convinced that this is what we needed to do. Then I started hearing about the likelihood of having a lip tie if you already have a tongue tie. I literally ran into my daughter’s room and lifted up her lip while using a flashlight while she was sleeping! And there was her lip tie! I had no idea and no one had ever mentioned it to me or even checked. It was a significant one that explained her gap between her teeth since it went down to her palate. I immediately contacted our closest Laser Dentist from your site and set up an appointment. They were able to get her in a couple days later. She hated the procedure, but it was only about 5 minutes and her recovery has been remarkably easy. The best part about it is that now, only a week later, she said her first “g” sound!! I am absolutely convinced that releasing her tongue has helped her to do that and she is already so thrilled at her own success. I fully expect her other issues to get better as time goes on as well. But wait, there’s more… Shortly after figuring out this tongue/lip tie thing with my daughter, I started checking my other three children to see if any of them had it. I read some of the symptoms for infants and a few resonated: lots of popping and loss of suction during feeding, very short and frequent feedings, tiring and fall asleep easily during nursing, reflux from taking in too much air. Well I open up my 5-month-old daughter’s mouth and sure enough – a significant lip and tongue tie!! I was shocked that I had missed something so simple. I scheduled her procedure for the very next week with the same dentist and it was much easier than my five-year-old’s, although a little sad to watch. BUT only 3-4 minutes of having to hold her mouth open for the procedure and she was done! She is already nursing better! Her latch is much deeper and she seems to be getting more. The very first night after it was done she slept so much better (she often had nights of waking up every hour and I could never figure out why). She has never taken a bottle and struggled with solids because she would gag so violently every time anything went into her mouth (including during breastfeeding sometimes). She is now taking solids so much more easily and I feel confident she may take a bottle soon now that everything is cleared up. She doesn’t mind the stretches/exercises at all. In fact, she often laughs when we do it. I am so grateful that the Lord led me to your site and gave me the information I needed to move ahead with this procedure for both of my girls!!”


On January 1, 2018, Melissa writes, “I’ve read your blog before and came back to it again as I was about to update the dentist that did my daughter’s laser frenectomy at 17 months old with her current smile. I’ve attached a photo of a baby with a maxillary frenum like my daughter’s when she was born in Feb 2010 (I didn’t get any pictures of her like this) as well as a photo of her now at nearly 8 years old. We had a similar run around from dentists saying it wasn’t a problem, including one supposed specialist at the children’s hospital who claimed that there was nothing wrong with her lip at all: “look, mine is exactly the same!” (no no it’s not). Ultimately, we drove 13 hours each way to the only dentist I could find who would do the laser frenectomy on a child less than 6. About 2 years later, there were at least 3 locally who started doing them but many still don’t want to do laser on babies. Like you, I have no regrets about pushing for the frenectomy. My daughter didn’t need speech therapy and her gap has totally closed – if she needs braces it won’t be because of the frenum! Thank you for sharing your story, and for the list of dentists who will treat this problem.”


image 02


On March 2, 2016, Gail writes, “Hi Alessia, I wanted to provide an updated photo of Violet for anyone who is curious if the gap closed!  She is 3 years old (almost 4) in this picture.  We are still so grateful that I found your website with this information on it and that we went through with the procedure! Thank you again!  Sincerely, Gail.”


On May 18, 2015, Megan writes, “Hi there, my name is Megan, and we are up here in Alaska. Last year, when my 17 month old daughter was teething her first molars and I was looking around her mouth, I discovered she had a lip tie. I had always noticed the gap in her front teeth since she got her front teeth in, but never thought much of it. When I pulled back her upper lip, I noticed that her frenulum extended between her teeth. I was concerned and did some research and found your website and article about your experience with your daughter and I have been meaning to thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. I felt so inexperienced when I learned about lip ties, because I am a doula and I know all about tongue ties and have counseled women about them before. Lip ties, and even tongue ties, are something that most doctors and midwives don’t even check for at birth. They really should, for how common they are! Many people in the birth community don’t know what I am talking about when I tell them about my daughter having a lip tie. Anyway, upon reading your info, I called Dr. James Jesse in California and sent him photos of my daughter’s frenulum to get a consultation. Her frenulum wasn’t quite as restrictive as your daughter’s was – you could see the bottom half of her teeth when she smiled – but it was causing a gap and had created some issues while breastfeeding. We were already planning a trip to my MIL’s house (45 mins from Dr. Jesse’s office in CA) a month later and we were able to schedule my daughter an appointment for her laser frenectomy. Almost a year later, her gap is pretty much gone entirely and her frenulum looks normal with no scar tissue. Dr. Jesse was very skillful. The real reason I am writing is that my newborn son was having some issues nursing, so I immediately thought to check for a lip and tongue tie. Sure enough, he had an upper lip tie, just like his sister! (I should mention that my first-born son never had a lip tie, so I had some good basis for comparison.) Anyway, I mentioned this to my midwife and she referred me to a dentist in Anchorage, AK who performs laser frenectomies. I was very excited, because I had never looked around within our state for a dentist who does this. I just assumed that no one was specialized in this in AK because we don’t have many specialists at all, and it is still a relatively new procedure. We took our son in and he is almost two weeks post-frenectomy. Here is the dentist’s info, so you can add it to your list of dentists in the West/northwest: Dr. Chris Coplin […]. I was very impressed with the staff and the atmosphere there as well. They were very good to answer all of my questions and you could tell they really loved working with children. Thanks again for your website!”


(BEFORE:) On March 11th, 2013, Gaby writes, “Hello, I live up in Washington state.  My son has an upper lip tie and I just came to realize this about a month ago.  No pediatric dentist here seems to want to touch this with a 10 foot pole!  I know of Dr. Jimmy Chan in BC, but we don’t have our passports yet, LOL!  Thank you for your help!”
(AFTER:) On Sept. 25th 2013, she writes, “Hi Alessia! We called Dr. Chan’s clinic and made an appointment with him.  It was a 5 hour trip up and a border crossing, but totally worth it. First off, Dr. Chan was WONDERFUL!!!  His bedside manner is fantastic and his office staff is to die for!  He checked Alex and confirmed that he had a stage 4 (!) lip tie and a stage 1 PTT, the procedures would cost $600 in total.  They strapped Alex to a papoose board; the procedure literally took about 5 minutes and afterwards he asked me to latch Alex on to see how it felt.  OH MY GOODNESS, THE DIFFERENCE!!!!  It was like night and day.  No pain whatsoever.  All of his gastrointestinal problems cleared up immediately as well, and I mean the very next day.  No more choking and vomiting while eating and no more constipation!  At one point before the procedure, he was so backed up even the radiologist was impressed!  So, now that we are 4 months post procedure, the lip tie area looks great!  The under the tongue area reattached a little, but I hear that happens.  Dr Chan said that the most important thing was function.  I weaned him about a month ago and he packs his mouth full like a little chipmunk when he eats, so the reattachment can’t be that bad. I totally recommend Dr. Chan.  He is absolutely wonderful.  We went up for a 2 week evaluation after the initial procedure and he waived the office fee as we paid out of pocket.  I would totally do it again in a heartbeat.  If we decide to have another baby and it has the same problem (God forbid) I would take them immediately (especially now that I know what to look for).  So, there is our story!  Alex is saying lots of words, at least 10+ right now, and TONS of baby jibber jabber.  He sticks his tongue out and is totally happy and well adjusted.  Best wishes!!Gaby and Alex.”


On July 24, 2013, Gail writes, “Dear Kevin and Alessia, it is with sincerest thanks that I write to you about my daughter’s (Violet) story.  My daughter’s top front teeth starting coming in around 13 months of age.  It was then that we noticed a large gap between her teeth.  So large that it looked like the two teeth on the bottom row could fit in between them!  While putting her to sleep one night, I was researching possible causes (as no one else in my family had a large gap) and came across your website. I am SO grateful that I did.  As I read your story, I had a gut feeling that this was the cause of my daughter’s gap. I confirmed it the next morning by pulling up her lip and seeing two thick “cords” between her teeth.


After reading your testimonial and some other research, I was determined to have the laser frenectomy performed as soon as possible.  I discussed it with my husband and family and began to called pediatric dentists in our area to no avail. My husband contacted Dr. Ted Reese in Indianapolis, Indiana, about a 5 hour drive from our home. Dr. Reese’s staff were very helpful. We drove to Indiana and stayed in a hotel the night before.  The next morning we got to the office, filled out the paperwork and were taken into the back.  My daughter sat on my lap for the entire procedure.  First, Dr. Reese checked her mouth and said it was a very thick frenum. Next, they swaddled her into a blanket so she didn’t move her arms and used a topical numbing agent followed by a small numbing injection into the gums.  Finally, he performed the procedure.  The laser was a machine connected to a tool the size and shape of a large pen (not too intimidating at all).  My daughter cried (mostly because of the restraint) up until the point they put the mouth suction in and then she chewed on the suction for a few minutes and then it was over!  About 10 minutes on my lap total.  We gave her tylenol only a few times after that.  She had very little bleeding the first 10 minutes and then none.  She was drinking from a sippy cup and using her pacifier as soon as we were walking to the car.  We paid out of pocket, but they also submitted to both our dental and health insurance in case either one would cover it and reimburse us.  Here is Violet two days after the procedure:


The laser procedure was exactly 2 weeks ago and now her mouth is completely healed:


We are very happy with the results!  Dr. Reese and his staff were extremely nice and made us feel very comfortable! Thank you again for all of your help and informative website! Gail & Jeremy”.


On April 28, 2013, Janelle writes, “Thank you for writing this.  I live in Portland, Oregon and my son was born with tongue tie and a very thick lip frenulum.  We were lucky enough to have a great lactation consultant who referred us to an ENT that does laser (Dr Bobak Ghaheri, MD, ENT). He got me in the same day because he realized how important to my breastfeeding it was to fix as soon as possible.  He personally dealt with tongue tie with his own baby and, even though he didn’t learn a lot about it in medical training, he saw how much of a change in breastfeeding it made with his wife.  So we had it fixed by 4 months old.  I’m glad I read your blog because i have gotten negative feedback from my pediatrician on doing it.  Your story just validated in my mind that we did the right thing.  And nursing has gotten raised too. Thank you again, Janelle.”


On April 15, 2013, Leah writes, ” Hello – Thank you for creating such a useful blog. It has been a very valuable resource! I wanted to share that I was able to find a very qualified DDS, Dr. Ted Reese, here in Indianapolis, who did an excellent job on my daughter’s (age 2.5) very thick maxillary frenum (classified as a grade IV). The office staff was amazing and the laser frenectomy took less than 3 minutes. Prep was about 20 minutes. He used a little nitrous oxide gas and also gave her juice with a mild sedative mixed in. I felt very comfortable with the whole process and the staff was very experienced and professional. All in all, we were in and out in about an hour. She was back to herself the same day. Hope this helps anyone in the Mid West looking for an option. Kind Regards :) “.


On February 28, 2013,  Gemma writes, “Good Afternoon from NZ, Alessia. My daughter is now 5 months today YAY and thriving on breastmilk 🙂 After reading your blog, we searched the internet and found a place in Auckland that would do it which is around 8 hours drive from here (they told us they were the only place in NZ that did laser for babies of this age and for $1000+ NZD). I thought there must be somewhere else, so calling around 20+ dentists in Wellington (capital of NZ) we found a dentist called Lumino that did it (we went to Burton Brown in Wellington CBD) and they asked us to go to a lactation consultant to see how bad it was. It was the worst she has ever seen. she is now using her photos when doing clients and seminars.


She also checked for tongue tie, which we also knew she had, but we only thought it was minor as it wasn’t right at the end. Well not the case at all either. It was so bad she had no lift in her tongue at all so was having trouble swallowing. she thinks the only reason why she was gaining weight at all was because this was my second child so didn’t have to bring in breast milk and i have a huge supply and it pours out. I also showed her your blog which she said was great. So, we did it with laser. Our daughter went straight on the breast after. All up costs including lactation consultant $500 NZD. We got it done by 10 weeks of age and she started to put on weight straight away.  Not a great start to life but doing well now. Thank you so much for all your help, Again Thanks so much – you made my life so much easier with your blog as it was a very scary time for me and baby. Gemma and Shane.”


On February 26, 2013,  Luxi writes, “I just took my 2 month old daughter to see Dr. Jesse last week, he was AMAZING! She had both a severe upper lip tie and a severe posterior tongue tie. He was the first doctor that believed me. It has made a huge difference in breastfeeding. We are going back tomorrow after realizing that our 2 year old also has a posterior tongue tie, which explains why she has a thrust. I HIGHLY recommend him!”


On February 21, 2013, Sophia writes, “Just wanted to leave a note to thank you for making this information available. I just discovered that my baby needs a frenectomy and ever since I’ve been searching online for information. Your website has been the most helpful and we just went to Dr. Jesse’s office to get the procedure done today. My baby is already doing better and I couldn’t believe how quick the whole thing was. THANK YOU!!!”


On February 15, 2013, Carol writes, “We went to Albany last week and she’s doing great. She had severe ties on upper lip and tongue. Dr Kotlow is wonderful. Thank you for your support, advice, and encouraging words! We already see tremendous differences.”


On December 13, 2012, Anna writes, “Just went to Dr.James Jesse today with my 23 month old!! They were amazing! My daughter had both lip and tongue tie fixed for ONLY $400 total. His staff helped me hold my daughter still. Dr. James Jesse was so nice and explained everything he was doing and was very patient despite my daughter moving around and even biting him several times. There was no bleeding, within 1 minute after it was done my daughter was happily eating a ice pop. It was as if nothing had even happened. I am so happy he provides this service WITHOUT putting the kids to sleep and we need to spread the word!!! This was night and day from when my son had this done with another doctor (who didn’t use laser), he was put to sleep, and he bleed for days, was in a lot of pain and cost almost $2000 total, and the tongue tie even grew back for him so now we need to have it done again. DEFINITELY taking him to Dr. James Jesse. He told me in the 15 years he has done this with laser only about 3 patients have had it grown back and needed to get it redone. And he said that if it were to grow back for any reason he would not charge anything. What’s also great is that you can get an appointment almost immediately because it is so quick he schedules these things in between his other patients. I called on Monday and booked an appointment 3 days days later, could have gotten it the next day if my schedule had permitted. Thanks for this blog that helped me find him!”

Thank *you* so much, dear Moms and Dads, for writing to us! I encourage any reader who has a story to tell to send it our way: Thank you! 🙂

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