A chat with Dr Santilli, DDS

This morning, April 16th 2014, I had a telephone conversation with Dr Melissa Santilli, DDS, who performs Laser Frenectomy in Cross Roads, Texas.

It was refreshing and comforting to see that more and more professionals like Dr Santilli are appreciating the value of using laser in their dentistry, and how important it is to remove frenums (both tongue tie and upper frenums) early in life.

I want to share some of the things we talked about, by taking some of what Dr Santilli writes on her website (parenthesis added by me):

“One of the most important things that usually happens after the birth of the baby is breast feeding to help create a bond between mother and child, as well as provide immunity for the baby and prevent mastitis in the breast tissue.  A physical issue that can prevent this from happening is the lingual frenulum, which is a band of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  This phenomenon is called ankyloglossia, more commonly known as “tongue-tied.” Sometimes this tissue is unnecessarily tight and restricts the tongue from touching the top of the mouth.  The tongue is very important for latching on and suckling motion during breast feeding, otherwise, the baby may start damaging the nipple tissue by chewing and also experience weight loss from inefficiency to obtain nutrients from the mother.

(At Honey Dental), we use topical numbing gel and advanced laser technique to remove the excessive band of tissue to relieve the tongue, this procedure is called laser frenectomy.  We do not use scalpel or scissors.  We specifically invested in having an advanced laser unit because of less chance of reattachment, more comfort for the baby, no post-op bleeding, little post-op chance of infection, fast and efficient treatment, and predictable healing.

Breast feeding is already challenging without the added issue of ankyloglossia, (we are a resource to help you and your baby if you ever face this situation).  Sometimes this problem may not be detected early, so the child may grow up with slight to severe speech issues due to the tongue’s restricted movement.  We would love to evaluate the child or even adult for this procedure that can change his or her life.

I totally agree with Dr Santilli and with all the wonderful and trusted Laser practitioners listed on our blog (‘Who performs laser frenectomy…‘). I pray that you can find one close to you!

Thank you.

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