Problems caused by Tongue-Tie as an Adult

My name is Maria Vittoria and I am 28 years old.
When I was 25, I was suffering from continuous pain in my neck and shoulders, due to a constant muscle contraction. All the doctors I visited told me it was only stress and bad posture. Months of physiotherapy, massage, laser, electromagnetic waves, which should have given me relief, were all very expensive in terms of time and money, but useless: I still felt the same pain in my neck and shoulders.

Finally, I contacted an osteopathic doctor, and, during my visit, he found out that the cause of my neck and shoulder pain was not stress or poor posture, but a tongue-tie that had forced me to swallow the wrong way for 26 years!

As a baby, I had never experienced any problems with nursing and, growing up, I had not had any speech delay; neither my family doctor nor my dentist had ever noticed my tongue-tie!

My tongue being so short had not been able to touch my front hard palate (palate just behind my upper front teeth), where the tongue should position itself during the swallowing motion. Therefore, I had instinctively compensated by doing a small forward movement with my head whenever I had to swallow, doing that several times a day for…well, 26 years! That is where my muscle contracture and my consequent neck and shoulder pain came from!

A small cut of that tie (frenulotomy) freed my tongue immediately, but now, as an adult, I’ve had to re-learn how to swallow, re-train my tongue and my mind. After the frenulotomy, I had to do stretching exercises with my tongue for 5 minutes three times a day for three months, to avoid the frenum from coming back. That was very hard. I also have to use a particular device in my mouth with a hole in the front hard palate, where my tongue should be during swallowing. Furthermore, I discovered that I had always pronounced some consonants in a funny way: the sound was right, but the way the sound was produced was wrong, so I constantly have to do speech therapy exercises now. And all of this because nobody, when I was a baby or a child, thought of looking under my tongue!

Moms, Dads, check your babies, toddlers and children! Get the right information, eliminate your child’s tight frenum early on: waiting is absolutely NOT worth it!

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I like to find a better way of doing things, and I like to share the results with others.
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