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Tongue-tie and lip-tie upcoming Conference, Free

A great conference on the importance of treating lip-tie and tongue-tie frenums, coming up in Phoenix, AZ! Free, with lunch included, on Sunday, April 9th 2017. Don’t miss out! All details here: http://pediatrictongueandlipties.weebly.com/

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Serious Speech Delay caused by Tongue Tie ~ Connor’s story

Following, is a letter Dr. Palmer received from a very thankful mother because her son had a life-changing experience when he had a frenectomy.  This is a true, but a very scary story, because it illustrates what little healthcare providers … Continue reading

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Near-death case caused by tight Frenum ~ 3-month-old baby, Haiti

Monday, July 11, 2011 Hello Alessia, The baby in Haiti was three months old when I was consulted about her near-death situation. She was a twin. Her twin was thriving and breastfeeding well. This baby was not breastfeeding well, dehydrated, … Continue reading

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Why wait?? ~ Kyle’s story

Hey Kevin! Did you know our son Kyle was also tongue-tied when he was born? We had to ‘fight’ for him too, although not to the extent it sounds like you did with Myla! I knew something was different as … Continue reading

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Tongue-Tie case in the UK ~ Brandon’s story

My son Brandon was born on 27/02/2004. When he first cried, I noticed that his tongue looked very strange! but I didnt want to look silly, so I asked my husband to go get a midwife and tell her that … Continue reading

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Frenum, Frenulum and Frenectomy – How to effectively deal with them in 21st-Century America

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you or somebody you love have a ‘frenum’. What an adventure it was for us, when we found out our little daughter had one! We hope our experience can help you … Continue reading

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